Our Team
Our team offers an array of backgrounds and knowledge ranging from structural engineering to political science. While we have differences in experience and areas of interest - the entire AET team shares a passion for global collaboration and the exchanging of ideas and goods.   
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Logistics Coordinator 
Julian Abaldo

Julian works directly with his father Mario specializing in product quality control, allocations, and procurement. He has a degree in History and Government. An All-American swimmer in college, he brings a unique brand of leadership, teamwork, and discipline to AET.



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President and CEO
Mario Abaldo

Mario started a masonry business at age 15, and his hands have been literally in concrete and other building materials for more than 35 years. He has been involved with international shipping since 1990. With degrees in Structural Engineering and Construction Management, and a roster of high-end design/build projects worldwide featured in magazines, Mario is AET’s founder and consummate detail man – responsible for materials specifications, shipping minutiae, and overall operations. His grandfather immigrated to the US from a hill town outside Rome, Italy which fueled his desire to become a global citizen.




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Business Coordinator
Mary Erb

Mary heads up AET’s communications and networking. Her responsibilities include developing and nurturing AET’s international business and client relationships. A world traveler as well as a former All-American college swimmer, she has a BA in Political Science and a MS in Management Studies.



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Office Manager
Sherry Abaldo

Sherry brings to AET a wealth of experience in award-winning writing, film, and tv. She has degrees in English and French Literature as well as Film Production. Having worked alongside her husband Mario for more than 35 years, she assists with logistics and manages the office.

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