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Mario Abaldo - Founder and CEO of Abaldo Enterprises Trade, LLC.

Company Profile

In the late 1990s, founder Mario Abaldo (based in Maine and Los Angeles, US) was commissioned to design and build custom architectural and aquatics projects for his clients around the world. 


His projects were so one-of-a-kind that he had to personally acquire whole new skill sets: not only selection of particular materials but also the purchasing, scheduling, loading, shipping, and receiving of them. 


He was then approached by other clients, architects, and contractors to assist with the nuts and bolts of their international work including handling large quantities of cement.


He discovered a new passion in these logistics – and in the greater potential of shipping materials to wherever they are needed on the globe as soon as possible.  


AET is a family business. We pride ourselves on communication, solid relationships, and treating our clients like family.

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